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A Wide Range of Coverage

We take care of Czech Insurance Companies clients, as well as of Foreign Insurance Companies clients, Self payers, and also companies, embassies, and corporates clients. 



 If you are not a client of a Foreign Insurance company with direct billing to us, nor registered in any of our membership programs, you can pay for services at the appointment in cash or by credit card


Money reimbursable from the insurance companies

Cigna, Bupa, Allianz, David Shield, Passport Card, Geoblue, MSH, etc.


How to use services through direct billing 

Clients using our “direct billing services” are kindly asked to fill in the Payment policy form prior to their appointment. For your first visit please bring your valid insurance card.

Clients of medical assistance companies are kindly asked to contact their assistance company prior to the appointment and ask for a guarantee of payment.


We believe that preventive medical care and superb organization of medical services have a positive impact on the client’s life satisfaction. Thus, we bring a different approach to medical care, focusing on our customer’s wellbeing and on good and quick access to medical care.

We offer an individual concept of medical care with many premium services such as minimal waiting times, individual care, organization of medical care, house calls, continuous supervision of client’s health, and many more.  

Above the standard medical care, we offer “Premium Care Membership”. It is available for clients of Czech Insurance companies. 

The premium membership medical care  

The premium membership medical care includes the following services that are NOT paid/covered

by the health insurances:

  • NBD (Next Business Day) appointment with one of our physicians in case of unexpected acute health problems 

  • Possibility of consultation with our medical staff after office hours (weekdays after 6pm and in urgent cases also during weekends) 

  • Assistance in arranging appointments with other specialists and hospitals 

  • Preventive check up every year 

  • More extended lab works 

  • Extended appointment time with the doctor if needed (30 min) 

  • Flu vaccination for free (Vaxigrip Tetra) 

  • Free of charge any documentation or medical certificates that are not covered by the Czech health insurance plan (health certificate for people working in food services - so called “potravinářský průkaz”, driving license, job forms, Covid-19 EU vaccination certification,  different medical reports, etc…) 

  • Abdominal ultrasound check up if needed for free in our clinic 

  • 20% discount for Home visit

  • Discounts and other benefits at our cooperating partners and clinics, e.g. Meridian Clinic, Unicare Medical Center, GynPrahaPlus

The annual fee for the “Premium care” membership program is  12,000 CZK. 

We are proud health providers of the following insurances:

Insurance: Insurance
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